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How long will I need to wait for my survey?

We work on creating the most efficient service that we can for you. Our Home Reports are usually ready to be sent within 48 hours while the more detailed Building Survey is usually sent within 72 hours. We know how stressful it can be purchasing a property and as an indepedent firm we pride ourselves on providing a high quality service in the most efficent way possible.

How long will I need to wait for my survey?

A mortgage valuation is for the benefit of the lender while a survey is for your benefit. All of this means that purchasers are often in for some costly repair bills for which they are completely unprepared. Instructing a Surveyor is often not as expensive as one would think, and can lead to discovering issues that may save you from a costly mistake, or at least put you on notice about upcoming expenditure. After a pre-purchase survey, the purchaser can then make a decision with all of the facts in their possession. 

How long will I need to wait for my survey?

Of course. Prior to sending the report we will always make attempts to contact the client to provide verbal feedback and to help put minds at rest. Any further questions once the report has been received are welcome. 

Do you arrange for access to the property?

Yes, we will coordinate our inspection with the vendor/estate agent. Please note that on those rare occasions when vendors have restricted times of availability, this may lead to a further delay in carrying out the inspection. We will of course keep you appraised of the situation. 

Are you an RICS Registered Firm?

Yes. Being an RICS Registered Firm means that we are governed and must follow strict guidance.  
As a regulated firm we must use the industry respected ‘Regulated by RICS’ designation, which conveys to the marketplace that the firm: 
1. Practises to globally recognised standards. 
2. Behaves ethically and acts with integrity and honesty. 
3. Has the required skills and competencies to do the job. 
5. Manages conflicts of interests transparently. 
6. Safeguards the security of client money. 
7. Manages its finances appropriately. 
8. Provides adequate and appropriate indemnity for your work. 
9. Handles complaints and disputes fairly. 

Can I ask the surveyor to report on any specific concerns?

Of course. Clients are often concerned about specific issues and these should be discussed with the surveyor prior to inspection. Yet again this can often help to put minds at rest. 

Can you just report on an individual defect?

Yes we are often contacted by homeowners who are concerned about a certain defect whether that be structural movement, timber decay or dampness. We can then produce a small report to help diagnose the issue and suggest the correct remedial works.

Are you an independent firm?

Yes. Although we have a great working relationship with the local agents and solictors we are and will always remain fully independent. We feel as though within the surveying profession referral fees are immoral and that they impact on the ability to provide impartial advice.  

Do you include costings?

Over the last 24 months since the Covid-19 pandemic costings are ever changing and increasing. As a result we do not include costings within our services. We are however able to provide names of local and well known reputable contractors who can provide accurate quotations for any works required.  

Which pre-purchase survey do I need?

A Home Report suits those buildings which are younger, in reasonable condition, of moderate size and have had minimal alterations and/or extensions. A Building Survey is preferred where the buildings are older, larger and more complex as they have often been altered and extended over time to suit changing living requirements. This survey also suits buildings of non-traditional construction. 

Will you let me know if the property would have any potential mortgage issues in the future?

There are certain factors that may raise issues with some mortgage lenders. Some examples are if the property is timber-framed, has a thatched roof, an old loft conversion, is non-traditional construction or has a mainly flat roof. These issues can make the process harder. We will advise accordingly on such issues. 

Can we pass your report onto our solictior or legal adviser?

Of course. We actually always ask if you would like us to personally send a copy of the report to your legal adviser. Both our Home Report and Building Survey refer to issues for your legal adviser to check. Our intention is to make the house buying process as smooth as possible for both parties.