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CML Certificates

CML or Professional Consultants Certificates

A CML or Professional Consultants Certificate is a form that has been pre-approved by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) to certify that a consultant has monitored the construction of a property and that he/she will remain liable to the owner, and any lenders, for a period of six years.

Many mortgage lenders insist upon a CML/PCC or housing warranty for all newly built or newly converted dwellings. PCCs can only be provided by suitably qualified consultants (for example a fellow or member of the RICS).
AHN Surveyors can provide Professional Consultant Certificate Services for new build and converted homes. Our service is aimed at self builders and small developers who do not meet the housing warranty providers’ eligibility criteria or would rather not deal with such providers. Quotations can be given for individual projects and should provide a cost effective option.